"I struggle to find time to read normally, but this book with it's fairly short chapters was just brilliant as it allowed me to pick up and put down as needed...however, be warned, you won't want to put it down. 

Well written and it flows well with a real roller-coaster of emotions."


"The story and chapters are split between twin sisters and I've not really enjoyed that format in other books but this seemed to work well here. Some of the chapters involving the alcoholic mother were both funny and heart breaking and it really was touching in places."

"A good start for this fledgling author. The story flows well, lots of tears and sadness intermingled with joy and the right result at the end."


"Fantastic first novel full of emotions and true feelings. It was my holiday read and I loved every page of it."


"A brilliant debut novel!

I was hooked straight away! I empathised with both the main characters and thoroughly enjoyed their journey as the story developed. from their alternating perspectives . The easy to read length of the chapters was an added bonus."

"Cracking first book and could not put it down. Each chapter leaves you wanting more. Bring on the next book, please!"


K. D. Ray

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